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this space is alive and not extinct

August 2nd, 2009

if i post this online in a forum thread, I will probably be flamed @ 02:30 pm


Why the onine furore over this Canadian guy's letter in the ST Forum? His letter is fine. But the headline is terrible. People should slam the ST for their creativity and lack of sensibilities instead.

I am just perplexed over the majority of the commentors' insane wishes of foregoing cleanliness and safety over long hours of work etc. etc.

Maybe we are just too cocooned in our nice little next. In many ways, I am often surprised by our naivety and inability to separate the state from the government and from our own national identity. I am also getting increasingly uncomfortable when there is a sizeable group who expects to enjoy good standards of living and want 'freedom' of speech unconditionally.

Why just the other day, I overheard a student telling her friend that she wished that Singapore can experience rioting like what happened in Sri Lanka. And I was wondering to myself, this is getting insane.

Come to think of it, perhaps it's the fault of the PAP for leaving us with such impressions of wanting to be the best in everything. Maybe we are victims of our own success because if one thinks about it, materially we have the best, but in terms of our political maturity and 'sreet-smart' habits, we are still like a child. Or worst still, a spoilt young child.

The PAP is not perfect. In fact I was thinking to myself, the country's future is bleak.. Really bleak when the head of the largest labour union is a minister of the government and a member of the ruling political party. It is worrisome. Like what we expect from a NMP, shouldn't the head of this union be non-partisan? Or maybe not someone who occupies such an important role in the government due to a conflict of interest?

I am grateful that I am born in this country. We are in many ways better than them. But very sadly, Singaporeans living in the country are often very sheltered? In many ways, the average Singaporean living in HDB flats, and who attend to government neighbourhood schools are probably as ignorant as middle America. (Yikes, am making a sweeping statement over here, I got the feeling. But I shall not apologise because that's my impression so far.) And this is worrying because we are a city-state. We are a country, yet we function physically and economically as what a city would do. But intellectually, we are not there yet as a population living in a city.

Yes, I know, this is confusing. :P To use a very cliche description of ourselves, 'We are victims of our own sucess.' And of PAP's rhetoric and insistence of being apolitical towards issues in the country. Cos like it or not, I think at some point, we have subconsciously bought into this idea.
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Date:August 3rd, 2009 01:00 am (UTC)

if i post this online in a forum thread, I will probably be flamed

Yes, I was thinking just last night that we as citizens do not have the political maturity to know what to do in a crisis. I have a more sanguine and possibly idealistic view of our theoretical views than you do - but when it comes to action, strategic action, which battles to pick, I think we have more growing to do, and I think this growth is happening. As long as people have the courage to step out there, the rest have precedents, role models, and that's what I feel we need as a people.
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Date:August 3rd, 2009 10:50 am (UTC)

Re: if i post this online in a forum thread, I will probably be flamed

also may I add how to fight a battle too. At times (most recently), I get pretty turned off by comments made onine. Just take issue with how the sentences are phrased and the tone. Most often than not, it feels like mudslinging rather than debating and discussing seriously about issues.


this space is alive and not extinct